Whether you are making Chili, Bolognese, Salsa or red pepper soup… in my opinion anything made with peppers tastes better when the peppers are roasted.

I’ve tried many techniques but have really settled on what I think is the simplest and quickest.

I simply halve all my peppers, remove stems and whatever seeds come out easily (I don’t worry about removing all of them), line a sheet tray with parchment or you can use a silicon mat.   Then I just arrange the peppers to make as many fit as possible.

I set the oven to broil and slide them onto the top oven rack for a couple of minutes.   No brushing with oil or any of the other added steps that you’ve seen.

They come out looking like this.

I use tongs to put them all in a glass bowl and cover with saran wrap.   I know you can also use a paper bag or anything that will allow them to steam in their own heat.

I like to use a glass bowl as their is a small amount of juice in the bottom and I like to add that to my dish.

I then let them cool while I do other things in the kitchen (browning meet or sauteing onions, etc.)   By the time I’m ready I can easily peel the skins and rough chop the peppers to use.

I’ve also roasted jalapenos, garlic, onions, etc. in the same manner.   I don’t do onions anymore as I don’t think it adds any flaver.

Also, I don’t bother to remove skins on my jalapenos – it is soft enough to just chop the jalapenos skins and all.