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We know that a sweet glaze goes perfectly with ham, thus the reason honey glaze or a brown sugar based glaze is so popular. However, one of our favorite flavors to go with ham (and a favorite of our guests once we get them to...

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Roasting Peppers

Whether you are making Chili, Bolognese, Salsa or red pepper soup… in my opinion anything made with peppers tastes better when the peppers are roasted. I’ve tried many techniques but have really settled on what I...

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Best Pizza Dough – NY Style

I love pizza – of that there is no doubt. However, I never knew that I could make some of the best pizza I’ve ever had right at home. There are several secrets including a great dough recipe, a very hot oven (450+)...

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Angry Peppers

   These peppers have a very aggressive flavor (thus the ‘angry’ reference) but I love the taste of them on subs, sloppy joe or bbq sandwiches.  The original recipe mentions doing them whole with a slit up the side...

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Magic Meat Rub

I do a lot of meat smoking and in so doing need a lot of rub.  It has taken several years to come up with my ‘perfect mixture’ but now that I have it, I not only use it for meats before smoking but also as a...

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Pepperjack Tomato Soup

OK, I happened to be in midstate PA last month and stopped at a local chain (Isaacs) soup and sandwich shop. I usually don’t order soup but it was cold and the booth next to me had 2 bowls and it was looking pretty good so...

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