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Roasting Peppers

Whether you are making Chili, Bolognese, Salsa or red pepper soup… in my opinion anything made with peppers tastes better when the peppers are roasted. I’ve tried many techniques but have really settled on what I think is the simplest and quickest. I simply halve all my peppers, remove stems and whatever seeds come out easily (I don’t worry about removing all of them), line a sheet tray with parchment or you can use a silicon mat.   Then I just arrange the peppers to make as many fit as possible. I set the oven to broil and slide them onto the top oven rack for a couple of minutes.   No brushing with oil or any of the other added steps that you’ve seen. They come out looking like this. I use tongs to put them all in a glass bowl and cover with saran wrap.   I know you can also use a paper bag or anything that will allow them to steam in their own heat. I like to use a glass bowl as their is a small amount of juice in the bottom and I like to add that to my dish. I then let them cool while I do other things in the kitchen (browning meet or sauteing onions, etc.)   By the time I’m ready I can easily peel the skins and rough chop...

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Best Pizza Dough – NY Style

I love pizza – of that there is no doubt. However, I never knew that I could make some of the best pizza I’ve ever had right at home. There are several secrets including a great dough recipe, a very hot oven (450+) and a pizza stone pre-heated to wick the moisture from the pizza dough as it cooks. Great Pizza Dough… Check out this technique that I’ve been using for a couple of years now. It makes a fabulous tasting dough. I’ve taken his proportions and reduced them for a manageable batch. 02/02/2017 – Unfortunately, this video is no longer available.   I have substituted one in it’s place but left the original ingredient list below Ingredient His Quantity My Reduced Quantity Cool Tap Water 12 Quarts 1.2 Quarts All Purpose Salt 10 oz 1 oz Granulated Sugar 10 oz 1 oz Olive Oil 24 oz 2.5 oz Eggs 6 large 1 large Fresh Yeast 2 oz 0.2 oz High Gluten Flour 50 lb bag 5 lb bag    ...

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Angry Peppers

   These peppers have a very aggressive flavor (thus the ‘angry’ reference) but I love the taste of them on subs, sloppy joe or bbq sandwiches.  The original recipe mentions doing them whole with a slit up the side to allow the liquid to penetrate. It also had jalapeno only… but over the years I’ve added a few habanero slices to the mix to increase the heat level while adding another layer of flavor along with some slivered garlic. You only need one or 2 slices of these peppers (or even just a drizzle of the oil) to really liven up a sandwich so I usually can them in pint or 1/2 pint jars. The Liquid: 1/2 cup Canola oil 1 pint white vinegar 1/2 cup water 2 cloves garlic (crushed) 2 T. crushed oregano 2 T kosher salt The pepper mix: 10-12 Jalapeno peppers 1 Habanero pepper 2 cloves garlic (whole) Directions: Put the liquid mixture in a sauce pan and get it started heating on the stove while you slice your peppers.  Stir it occasionally while slowly bringing to a boil. USE GLOVES!   Wash peppers & whole garlic clove and slice thinly.  I like to use a mandolin for this to get consistent, thin slices.   Mix this together in a bowl and then place the mixture into your canning jars.  Leave enough space at the top for your liquid...

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Magic Meat Rub

I do a lot of meat smoking and in so doing need a lot of rub.  It has taken several years to come up with my ‘perfect mixture’ but now that I have it, I not only use it for meats before smoking but also as a seasoning for many other dishes. It works on anything with potatoes, sausage, eggs and many other flavor profiles.  For instance, I take equal parts or this and mix with grated parmesan to sprinkle liberally on corn on the cob. I won’t give you the exact mix because mine is never quite the same anyway…   I always tweak it a bit depending on the heat of the chili powder: Kosher salt   (1 cup) Smoked Paprika   (1 cup) Homemade Smoked Chili Powder  (1/4 – 1/2 cup).  This depends on heat level – if you use store bought you’ll need the upper end of this. Onion & Garlic – dried flakes (1/4 cup each) Black Peppercorn   (1/4 cup) Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (1 – 2 Tablespoons) Cayenne (~1 Tablespoon) Mustard Powder (~1 Tablespoon) Hungarian Hot Paprika (~1 Tablespoon) I put the peppercorns, onion & garlic flakes in my bullet grinder to create a course grind, then put all the ingredients in a container that I can shake to mix. I do not put any sugar in my rub!  For smoking meats I...

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Ultimate Breakfast Casserole

Just as I have – you’ve probably had or tried to make them all…    Potato cheese mixtures or bread bits and sausage drowned in scrambled egg mixture. None of them are bad, but they all left me wanting for more. The flavor profiles I was looking for was flavorful potatoes, cheese and sausage.  I enjoy shredded potatoes and onions cooked as a hash brown mixture then add spicy bulk sausage and topped with cheese to left melt down through it.  I have also begun to love the added flavor that caramelizing onions brings to my dishes but didn’t want...

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